Recycling of catalysts, residues, dusts, sludges

Recycling of materials from a wide range of industrial sectors such as

  • foundry and semi-finished producers
  • the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • the petroleum refining industry
  • the food and cosmetics industry
  • Fertiliser production
  • the pharmaceutical industry

containing waste in form of: Skimmings, dross, dust, filterdust, filtercake, ballmill dust, runnings, slag, sludge, grindings, hydroxide sludge, scale, sweepings

  • Cu, CuZn, CuSn, CuNi, CuPb, CuSi,AlBz, Ms, SoMs, Rg ,PbBz
  • Ni NiCu, NiZn, NiCo, NiCr, NiCuCo, NiCoMn, NiCoAl
  • Co, CoMn, CoAl
  • V, VNi
  • W, WC
  • Mo

Wastes in the form of spent catalysts and chemical residues containing:

  • Cu-, CuNi-, CuZn-, CuSn, CuCr, CuBi
  • Ni, NiZn, NiMo/CoMo, NiMoV, V, FeMo, Zn