For us, Responsibility is not just as word

As a family business, we act authentically, sustainably and independently, while being a secure and appreciative employer for our employees. Social and ecological responsibility shape our daily actions.

Social commitment

Ennepetal is not only our location, but our home. As a major employer in the region, social responsibility - both large and small - is an integral part of our corporate culture. Integration, inclusion and diversity are deeply rooted in our corporate culture.

Environment & Life Cycle

Everyone is talking about the future of the planet and what needs to be done to ensure that future generations will also have access to resources and raw materials. We act. Because recycling metals is active climate protection. As a result, millions of tons less Co2 are emitted every year.

Quality Management & Certifications

SJM stands for the latest technology, qualified specialists and over 70 years of experience. We deliver consistent quality and optimal return to the economic cycle. To achieve this, we regularly undergo certification processes in which our quality is tested according to the strictest specifications.

Health Management

Working in the recycling industry is demanding. That's why the health of our employees and safety in the workplace are top priorities, along with the quality of our products. We are constantly developing measures to maintain and improve health and safety.

Climate-neutral recycling management

Metal recycling is an active contribution to climate protection and raw material security. With the largest PV roof system in NRW, we are setting the course for a forward-looking energy supply at our site in Ennepetal. From 2024 we will be bringing the power of the sun into our homes or onto our roofs: Around 22,770 solar modules will be installed on a total of 42 of our plant roofs in Ennepetal.

From 2024, solar energy will supply around 8,200,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year. The 43,772 square meter photovoltaic roof system will have an output of an impressive 9.22 MWp. This will make it one of the largest rooftop systems in Germany.

To optimize self-consumption, a battery storage system with a capacity of more than 2Mwh will be installed in parallel. This investment is a clear commitment to the Ennepetal site as well as to a climate-neutral recycling economy.

PV Simulation

360° metal recycling

Solutions in the field of metal recycling for 70 years

Our highly qualified and motivated staff has been permanently looking for solutions for your waste for more than 70 years now. Sustainable management, resource protection through recycling and the fullest possible utilization of raw materials by converting them into products have been at the forefront of SJM's activities - and not just since yesterday.

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