Sustainable economic activities, protection of resources by recycling and maximized utilization of raw materials by conversion into products are the main priorities of SJM.


In 1953 at the age of 21, Siegfried Jacob decides to start a completely different career. So, together with his future wife, Inge, he founds a company to trade and process scrap metal: Siegfried Jacob Metallwerke is born.


For the first time the SJM logo is put onto the new company building.


Metallwerke Krauthausen are taken over by SJM.


The gain of experience induces expansion of the melting plant: The first Fulmina-melting furnace goes into service in Ennepetal.


Foundation of metal trade business Jacomij Metalen in Amsterdam with its main business focus on precious metal scraps and special alloys.


Due to changing times and strong expansion a new administrative building has to be inaugurated that year.


Together with his son Eckhard Jacob, Siegfried Jacob founds NEMETA NE-Metallaufbereitungs GmbH & Co. KG. Eckhard Jacob leads the company.


Foundation of Siegfried Jacob Hamburg with trading activities concentrating on Northern Europe.


Acquisition of Isaac Shaw Birmingham, a well managed metal trading company, founded over 100 years ago.


After opening of the Iron Curtain acquisition of Nickelhütte Aue GmbH. 250 employees were guaranteed to keep their jobs. This company – existing more than 350 years - is now radically modernized with high investments. Specialties: Ni/Co-hydrometallurgy and Ni/Cu/Co/Mo/V/W-pyrometallurgy. Today, the company has approximately 450 employees and is one of the most modern in that kind of industrial sector.


In 1991 the Grundstoffchemie Velten GmbH is taken over by SJM. The company produces and trades chemical goods.


Eckhard Jacob is appointed to the management board of SJM Metallwerke.


On July, the 8th, Siegfried Jacob is presented the Federal Cross of Merit by Prof. Kurt Biedenkopf.


At the very early age of 67 the founder of the company, Siegfried Jacob, passes away due to a severe disease. That year, Jürgen Lumma and Jürgen Teimann, both long-time employees of the company, get appointed to the management board of SJM.


Comprehensive investments allow SJM to install the most modern mechanic reprocessing plants.


Together with long-time business partners and co-workers, SJM celebrates its 50th anniversary with a big party at Westfallenhalle in Dortmund.


SJM Hamburg expands and gets an approval for a new modern location in Glinde.


Jürgen Lumma and Jürgen Teimann give off their responsibility, their long time co-workers Uwe Dierkes and Henning Reuter are now in charge. Both, Jürgen Lumma and Jürgen Teimann, remain consultants. Dirk Wittmann completes this new team.


SJM refreshes the so called „Berggeschrey“ in the “Erzgebirge” (Ore mountains) and together with Nickelhütte Aue GmbH founds a new corporation. Erzgebirgische Fluss- und Schwerspatwerke GmbH (EFS) runs a mining plant to win and extract fluorspar and barite at Oberwiesental.


Founding of SJM Switzerland.


SJM acquires 100% of the share capital of Ireland Alloys Limited, Scotland, a processor of complex alloys.