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Siegfried Jacob Metallwerke

Who are we?

We are a privately owned company with approximately 300 employees. On an area of 300,000 m² we use our modern recycling facilities to contribute to the protection of raw materials and to conserve resources.

What’s our job?

We are a major partner of the metal manufacturing and processing industries. For more than 60 years now, we are developing solutions in metal recycling and make an important contribution to the optimization of production and disposal processes of our suppliers and customers. Our services range from classic metal trading to recycling complex industrial residues in modern recycling- facilities.

Several laboratories, advanced analytical technology and highly skilled workers ensure an accurate quality identification of metals and metallic residues, thus forming the basis for an efficient, high quality recycling.

What are our plans?

Innovative recycling in combination with modern environmental protection technology is important to us. Therefore, we constantly invest in the renewal of our technical facilities for the recycling of complex secondary raw materials.


Sustainable economic activities, protection of resources by recycling and maximized utilization of raw materials by conversion into products are the main priorities of SJM. [more]

People at SJM

Nearly 1000 skilled and confident staff members with such different qualifications as technicians, craftsmen, lab technicians, metallurgists, chemists, engineers and business people make an important contribution to the success and value of the company. SJM group, being active worldwide and its subsidiaries across whole Europe, deals with the trade, the processing of non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal-containing residues and alloy steels, as well as the production of Cu-based alloys, copper cathode and high-grade nickel-and zinc raw materials for the chemical industry.
On an area of over 300,000 m² with approximately 300 employees, modern and environmentally friendly recycling plants offer a complete recovery of valuable materials, and that way making an important contribution to the security of supply of raw materials and resources. Also special industrial residues and waste generated in production processes can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way in our modern processing plants.