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Professional training at SJM

As a traditional family company, we think that a long term collaboration is most important. Only well-educated people can guarantee best results. Work is fun and efficient, when you can act and think holistically. Therefore, during your training you are provided with a comprehensive overview of all areas of the company. Any ideas or suggestions are highly welcome!
And most importantly, we train you to stay in our team. At least we guarantee a one-year time limitation of the employment contract by the end of your training.

Professional training as a industrial trader

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Technical training as a laboratory assistant

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Education Fair Ennepetal

We are a partner of the annual Education Fair EN. Several personal discussions together with trainees and former trainees will give you some ideas about training paths and prospects for your future career.

Further education

Even after your education, we provide you with further training. In addition to language courses in English we offer sales and personality training – specially designed for the needs of SJM -, which will be taught by experienced coaches. In the field of metals you can take part at the youth development of the VDM (Association of German Metal Traders, www.kaps-stiftung.de). A variety of subject-related seminars top up the educational program.

Your career at SJM

After your training, you are for example deployed in the metal trading departments. You start with service and taking care of tasks related to metal trading contracts. The next step is to get familiar with the tasks of international metal trading. There are all kinds of other career opportunities, for example as a technical expert for customs and notifications or in accounting. Training on the job could even provide you with a study of business administration.


For more information on vacancies, please contact
Mrs. Peters.